• tactic

    art of coordinating the actions of means of all arms in the combats which constitute the elementary acts of the battle

    General Staff of the Army, 1988
  • transidentity

     We talk about "trans" or "transgender" people. The term "transsexual" comes from transsexualism, a notion coined by medicine in the 19th century to mean that trans people suffered from "mental illness". However, researchers have shown that there is nothing pathological about transidentity. So the World Health Organization pulled her out of mental illness in 2019. Being trans isn't a fantasy or a fad. Transidentity is imposed on the individual (DILCRAH, 2020)

    DILCRAH, 2020
  • transgender

    person who does not identify with their birth sex. In other words, it is a person whose sex does not correspond to the gender identity, that is to say the feeling of being a man or a woman (or neither one nor the other or the two at a time). (DILCRAH, 2020).

    A trans woman (or MtF for Male to Female) refers to a person assigned male at birth, but whose gender identity is female. A trans man (or FtM for Female to Male) refers to a person assigned to be female at birth, but whose gender identity is male. Finally, some trans people do not define themselves in a type of destination (gender neutral or agenre person). (DILCRAH, 2020)

    DILCRAH, 2020
  • Transvestites

    transvestites, men dressing as women, and women as men, on an ad hoc basis, but whose gender identity corresponds a priori to the sex assigned to them at birth example: the Knight of 'Eon de Beaumont whose tragic story continues to fuel imaginations even though his (masculine) identity had been well established The best-known historical reference is that of the Chevalier d'Eon de Beaumont (1728, France - 1810-Kingdom) United)

  • Transphobia

    contempt, rejection or hatred of transgender people and behaviors associated with trans identities, that is, associated with a perceived gender non-conforming. It can take many forms, from mégenrage (the fact of mégenrage a person, that is to say to speak about him by using a genre in which he does not recognize himself) to physical or sexual violence or even murder, passing by mockery, insults, defamation, threats, outing, incitement to discrimination, hatred or violence, harassment or discrimination. Because they touch on essential elements of people's identity, transphobic speech and acts are punished with aggravated penalties when victims have been targeted because of their gender identity

    DILCRAH, 2020
  • Terrorism

    Set of acts of violence (attacks, hostage-taking, etc.) committed by an organization or an individual to create a climate of insecurity, to blackmail a government, to satisfy hatred towards of a community, a country, a system. ()

    Larousse, 2021
  • territorial diversity

    it can be understood from an urban anthropological perspective (Chicago school) by interweaving the economic and the symbolic, and by describing the contextualization of market exchange (Raulin, 2007). Otherness is embodied in the places it represents in the context of contemporary metropolises, defining “transitional areas” which constitute an “intermediate area of ​​experience” (Winnicott, 1975: 30) and in opposition to the ideas of “ghettos”. "Or" relegation "by revalorizing the idea of ​​custom in an increasingly cosmopolitan context

    Raulin, 2007